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Annual check-ups are recommended for both dogs and cats to track their health history. This includes:

  • full body exam
  • discussion of dietary and weight history
  • heartworm test
  • fecal analysis
  • baseline blood work and urine analysis, particularly for dogs and cats over 7-8 years of age.

Vaccinations for dogs and cats.

  • We believe in vaccinating the animals according to their individual risk factors.

Recommendations for patient dietary needs and exercise requirements are individually assessed.

Parasite prevention

  • External parasites
    • tick
    • lice
    • fleas
    • mange mites
    • earmites

  • Intestinal parasites
    • roundworm
    • hookwork
    • whipwork
    • giardia
    • coccidia

  • Heartworm

  • Lungworm