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Being in the business of dog care, I am frequently asked to recommend a vet. You want the best veterinarian? That would be hands down Dr. Brenda King. She has taken exceptional care of all of my dogs over the last 20 years. I don't think there is a better diagnostician around. The animal's welfare is always first and foremost with Dr. King. As my dogs say, 'Woof, woof, woof, we love Dr. King !' ”
Joey Baffico

KittensFor 14 years, Dr. King was there for Molly, from puppyhood to her last days. Our sweet dog never hesitated to go up the steps to greet the vet who had cared for her through her whole life.”
Sue Young

All you need to do is to take a look at Dr. King's office. The walls are covered with pictures and messages from grateful clients.”
Robert Haywood

I had brought a puppy to Dr. King when he was three months old — a beautiful big golden retriever. Almost a year later, at 16 months, he became sick.  I took him to an emergency animal hospital, where the doctors misdiagnosed him and sent me home with antibiotics.  He continued to go downhill, and I then took him to Dr. King, who had not seen him since he was a little puppy.  Not only did she diagnose his extremely rare auto-immune disorder but was able to do so by remembering the look and shape of his jaw and head from the visit she had with him almost a year before.  She took charge and knew exactly what to do.  Hands down — the best doggie doctor any of my doggies have ever had.  
Julie Parks

When my border terrier seemed as though she was developing epilepsy, Dr. King started her research. Sure enough, she discovered that Katy was suffering from an extremely rare genetic condition — not epilepsy — confined pretty much to border terriers. She found and recommended a treatment, and my dog is once again running around happily.”
Jean Armstrong